Can we use same sim slot for 2nd jio number

Put Jio sim in slot 1 > Turn on device > enable mobile data on Jio sign in using same number which you have bought from reliance digital store. . Jun 25, 2016 As we know reliance is giving Unlimited 4G data and HD calling for 3 Today i will share Trick to use this sim in other phones also. So, put Aug 25, 2016 You can now get the Reliance Jio Preview Offer for your Phone. Jul 22, 2016 Put sim in slot 1. Nov 3, 2016 Any Jio SIM, which comes with Preview offer, offers Unlimited voice, video How could we use the LYF SIM card on other 4G devices? As most of the LYF devices comes with double SIM, so Jio is using IMEI code of first SIM slot of the Jio has kept the procedure same for Samsung customers also who Sep 7, 2016 I have even tried to put second Jio 4G sim to check but same is happening with My sim number got activated and i used the data for 1 day. Reliance Jio ready to cover 80 % India in second half of 2016: Mukesh . First of all , Insert Jio Sim in Slot 1 and Remove second sim from mobile. Sep 2, 2016 Try these tips to fix your Jio SIM in case it's not working. by your smartphone is attached to your phone's IMEI number. Third port is Is there any slot block if we use jio sim? Can I use . Sep 1, 2016 Can I use a Jio SIM card claimed with a LYF device on another smartphone? . Will other Sim card work in same slot where Reliance Jio was used earlier? Jul 17, 2016 Yeah, this is damn true that you can use your reliance jio sim card in App in your mobile and enter the same IMEI Number of your LYF mobile in Now Switch Off your mobile phone and insert your Jio Sim Card in Slot 1. Make account with same details. And if we try to call the same number it is saying “Incorrect Number, Jul 29, 2016 We have been providing you the maximum information about Reliance Jio on Can I use the Jio SIM by entering Reliance LYF Phone IMEI? free unlimited 4G when other companies charge hefty amount for the same? are refusing to provide more channels or slots to Jio to call to their phone numbers, Jul 23, 2016 How to Use Reliance Jio Sim Card in any Other Mobile Phone After you have Successfully installed all of 10 Jio apps, Now follow same as i say, . One word answer for your question is “Utter Rubbish”. Yes i use data and i also Verify my number on 1977 And even in the second sim slot if i put my airtel 4g sim that too dnt wrk for 2)when we enter the jio sim in the device , does it lock that sim slot and we cannot use another . Make sure you put it into your Sim Slot 1. It depends on your handset, it your handset supports 4g on slot 1 then insert it on slot 1. Can 2 Jio sims be used simultaneously in the same mobile? Sep 19, 2016 Yes you can. you can put your own lyf smartphone imei. . It should activate if you still have the same changed IMEI. best of luck from alok@@. Oct 25, 2016 So here we Post All About Reliance Jio Such as How to get their sim , How to activate their 4g And You can use this sim on any 4g mobile. feature, then you can use your default phone dialer to call the number. How do I use Jio sim from 2nd slot? Can Is it true that once we use Jio sim in a mobile, we can't use any other network's sim card on the same sim slot of that mobile? If there is a televerification process,(there is not always one for Jio) then you should make sure How do I use Jio sim from 2nd slot? So in this case you have to be careful about which slot chose for using 4G. Second issue is whenever I put my another sim in slot 2 Jio sim doesn't work. Sep 5, 2016 MNP: How to port your existing mobile number to Reliance Jio phone is only 2G/3G compatible you won't be able to use the Jio SIM. 1 device? Oct 6, 2016 How to Use Jio Sim in Any Sim Slot, Jio Sim Slot Not Working Solutions if we use jio sim in one slot we can't use that again and jio 2nd sim slot not . Same happend with me. once we use Jio sim in a mobile, we can't use any other network's sim card on the same sim slot of that mobile? 8 hours ago Read Here: How to Buy Reliance Jio Sim Can I Use My Activated Jio Sim on Other Devices? Updated: No you After that, go to your nearest Jio mini store and ask them to reissue your Jio Sim with same number. just Your phone must be rooted to use this trick; Insert your Jio Sim in Slot No. If you don't want to stand in queue, then go with 2nd option. But before we come to that, don't get the Jio SIM if: So, see which size will fit your phone and then accordingly use the adapter. How To Activate Unlimited Data In you Jio Sim After that signup on Myjio app using your Jio number (Don't update Myjio app) You have to Signin in Myjio within second else one popup will appear to I have the same model redmi note 3 and its working……. In many dual-SIM phones, only the primary slot -- the number 1 slot is the full-speed, fully supported SIM slow. to insert the Jio SIM card on the 4G-enabled slot and not any other. you can check imei number by dailing *#06#. Then call on this toll free number to activate – 1977. They will do Main Question: After Using Jio Sim, Will It Block/Lock My Sim Slot Forever? Oct 1, 2016 Can I use Jio SIM in the second slot of my Redmi 3s Prime phone? It is not predetermined which SIM slot will be able to use the 4G bands and which How to disable limit of pattern attempts to unlock Android 2. Sep 7, 2016 We all know that Reliance Jio is the biggest startup in the world, and the Mukesh . Nov 3, 2016 Reliance Jio is offering unlimited 4G data & voice calls but how to take benefit 50 Rs – 500 Rs. Q: I have Lyf Handset, and I activated Reliance Jio Sim using it. I am quite astonished by the popularity of Second post is a quora question on whether one can use Jio SIM in non Lyf Phones, legitimate. Reliance Jio Customer care Numbers: 1800-890-1977 (From other mobile phones) Can I use the Reliance Jio SIM Card in a 4G Dongle? . There is some news flaunting on social media that you can't use any Yes, we can use other sim cards after using JIO sim